"The Art of Pere Joan"
Academic Book Review
The Journal of Graphic Novels & Comics

"Fraser discusses a single-page comic through the concept of space, the question of whether a single image can form a story, and what that means for the term sequential art. Not only does Fraser derive meaning from a single image, but he discusses the impact on the cornerstone definitions of comics. Additionally, the interdisciplinary approach to the research of the artist elucidates that art does not exist in a vacuum."
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"A Little Faith, Man"
Portland Review, Vol. 66: Labor
"Day seven Jesus is going up in the Gospel. After water into wine. After Judas pulls a Benedict Arnold. After that whole resurrection blah blah. Anyways we got Jesus, the son of God, or God incarnate, and he’s going up in mint condition save the holes in his hands and down here shit really goes to hell."

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"The Lost Coast"
Clackamas Literary Review, Vol. 22 2018
"It could happen to us because it did happen to us. It happened in some dive bar in the Tenderloin or the Mission or Outer Sunset, if I recall right. We met to take the edge off, collaborated to commiserate. We poured enough acid on our problems so the screaming turned to a muted gargle. I knew when Terry Combs lost it because I stuck my fingers in his mouth and poured the roiling nectar down his gullet."
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"FOr a limited Time Only"
Timber Journal, Vol. 8.1

"On a rooftop, a burglar holds a gun to Mary Jane’s head because, duh, rooftops are normal hangout spots for burglars and hostages." 
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