EFoil Videos
To create assets for video ads on Youtube and other platforms, we recycled footage with the client's budget to create 15-second ads.
Concept + Copy: me
Art Direction: Justin L.
L.A. City Parks Posters
To get creative with products in the shops, we developed parks posters to highlight their favorite rides in the region, in the style of National Parks with an urban twist. This campaign went to email, social, and even print in the store.
Concept + Copy: me
Art Direction: Justin L.
Subject Line: Get Outside
Preview Sentence: Tour The Sights Of LA From The Comfort & Speed Of Your Bike
Not Your Everyday Emails
Weekly emails can be droll. In an attempt to mitigate deletion—and to be creative—I concepted and wrote copy for emails to be enticing, engaging, and ultimately make conversions.
The results led to higher interaction and site visits, not to mention client happiness.
Below are two examples: "Wish You Were Here" & "RE: Out Of Office."
Art Direction: Justin L.
(Left) Subject Line: Wish You Were Here
Preview Sentence: Postcards From Venice Beach
(Right) Subject Line: RE: OUT OF OFFICE
Preview Sentence: just fired our copywriter
Everyday Emails
The client also wanted some standard emails to push products, and again we tried to be creative in our approach to building some excitement around the topics and copy. Below are some examples.
Art Direction: Justin L.
Web Banners
Simple concepts and copy to spice up a website.
Art Direction: Justin L.
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