Cover Design + Interior Layout
This book exudes an unorthodox lifestyle, which I brought into the interior. Using classic Sailor Jerry tattoo styles, I laid this title out in a san serif and placed page numbers in the sidebar.
Cover Design + Interior Layout
Ooligan Press's first thriller book needed a bit of a shock to make it stick out on the shelves. I threaded many facets from the exterior to the interior for a stark and serious tone to complement the content.
From Knowledge to Power
Technical Interior Layout and Graphic design
From Knowledge to Power: Your Guide to Climate Science & Advocacy needed a meticulous hand in ensuring the quality of the layout and balancing multiple concepts throughout the title. I also collaborated with peers two other designers to develop and create the interior graphics.
Short, Vigorous Roots
interior Illustrations
There were four interior illustrations of Short, Vigorous Roots to connect the reader to the sections with the phases of the plant cycle. They opened each of the four parts to the book.
Short Vigorous Roots
Cover Design COncepts
Unused cover concepts for Short, Vigorous Roots: A Contemporary Flash Fiction Anthology.
The STEP Back
Cover Design Concepts
Unused cover concepts for The Step Back by J.T. Bushnell, a new adult book.
Life Between Seconds
Cover Design Concept
Unused cover concept for the novel, Life Between Seconds, by Douglas Weissman.
A history of Superheroes: Heroes of the Golden Age Chapter
Interior Layout (Coffee Table Book)
The old heroes are back! For this book pitch, I laid out the interior of this to resemble an old newspaper to match the era of the heroes.
Frontera Bilingual LIterary Journal
Cover Layout + Interior Layout
In leading the literary journal and guiding the brand identity, I design Frontera with a clean but not minimalist interior to accentuate the art and content inside.
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