Creative Execution: concept to Publication
This is a project that started as a small idea abroad. In 2017, we launched a successful Kickstarter to fund the journal's first issue. Now, they are distributed in bookstores in Madrid, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, and more.
Website Copy + Brand Identity
I write the copy and guided the branding direction of the website. I wrote the mission statement—the core of the identity—in English and Spanish. The website has been instrumental in moving the personality of the journal forward and reaching people.
You can find it here.
Ongoing Social Media + Brand Identity
Social media is the way we present our brand identity to the world. These networks, particularly Instagram, is the way we gather interest, submissions, and clickthroughs to our Etsy in our bio. It is also responsible for community-building and spreading the word.
We organize minor campaigns around the release of a volume or poetry print, a submission period, cover reveals, or any kind of news (i.e. bookstores we are in, grants, etc.). Ultimately, this genre is niche, and the numbers are good for our market.
Physical Poster Campaign: Call for submissions
Our submission pool for volume two was, simply, pathetic. I wanted to spruce up our media and brand identity by working with a graphic designer to reinvigorate our submissions for the next volume. They were placed in community spaces, universities, libraries, etc.
These posters, in tandem with our social media and marketing budget, helped us reach new audiences and gather hundreds of submissions, our best yet.
Art Direction: Matt Friedman
Poetry Print: Artist Collaboration
In building our journal outward, I took content from the page to the wall. I selected a poem from our newest edition and collaborated with a printmaker for visual ideas and direction.
For inclusivity in publishing, the poem is from Christina Butcher, a Chicanx poet from Tacoma, and the printmaker is Daniela del Mar, a Latinx artist from Chile.
Art Direction: Daniela del Mar
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